We sell USED Gondola Shelving. The most common type of retail shelving. Our Business is all about helping other Businesses get set up, and open. We specialize with Liquor Stores, Dollar Stores, Convenience Stores, Pet Supply, Hardware Stores, Grocery Stores, Beauty Supply and other different types of “mom and pop” boutique styled businesses. 

The process of opening a new business and trying to find the right way can be exciting, but confusing. We have different offers for the most budget conscience to special order colors and sizes. We take the confusion out of this process, we educate you as much as possible, and make quoting and purchasing easy.


We only sell USED shelving, We do not sell new shelving

What condition should I expect when buying used shelving? Our Shelving comes from major retailers who for one reason, or another, are no longer in business. We do not buy scrap metal shelving. We promise our customers a minimum of a 6 on a conditional scale of 1-10, with 10 being in like new condition. Usually, the shelving we ship out, on average is between a 6-8. Some of the parts might be a 6, some might be a 7, and others might be better. Once again, it is not new, so there will be some minor scratches, dings, dents, and minor discoloration.

We are thorough about what we do, we oil all the adjustment screws, we pressure wash all pieces, we remove all the stickers, tags, gum, and anything else, not wanted, leaving it in a good, clean condition. We likewise perform two inspections. We separate, and evaluate all shelving pieces when dismantling, then again we carefully inspect, and evaluate all shelving pieces when preparing your order.

We only sell two top performing Brands of Gondola Shelving, Lozier and Madix. In our opinion, it is the best on the open market.

Used Store Shelving comes in many colors, however, the standard industry color is Platinum Almond. On occasion we do have black shelving, bright white, and almond, but remember, this is used shelving, and subject to what is available.

Sizes: Gondola Shelving has many options to choose from both in height and depth. At this point, we prefer you call and speak with one of our salesmen about helping you with whats your best options are. Conversations are usually less than 10 minutes in length, and there is no commitment to buy from us.

Location: We are located in Houston Texas. We ship all across the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Caribbean Islands, Africa on a daily basis. We are strategically placed in the middle of the United States and can ship to anywhere throughout the USA with very low shipping rates!!

Call us at 713-455-0700. We are fast, courteous, and looking forward to helping you with setting up of your business.

Click on the following links for helpful tips to make the best shelving decisions for your specific type of store:

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