Great Gondola Shelving Display Solutions for Your Liquor Store

If you are in the market for liquor shelving, check out Store Fixtures, USA’s used gondola shelving. It’s perfect for all sizes of retail liquor stores, no matter what kind of display shelving needs you have. We help open an average of 200 plus Liquor Stores all across the USA on a yearly basis. 

Gondola Shelving is the best way to showcase your product for liquor stores. It adds an upgraded look and professionalism to your business. It’s fast and easy to assemble, it’s adjustable every 1″ to move shelves up, and down, as needed to fit the varying size of bottles you will have for sale. 

Used gondola shelving range in heights of 48″, 54″, 60 and 72″ and taller, as desired for both wall shelving (single sided), and aisle (double sided) shelving. We only sell used gondola shelving. Most liquor stores want shorter aisle sections, this way you can see over the aisles, while maintaining direct eye contact with your customer. The walls are a great place to go taller, usually 72″ and 84″ heights and carry more inventory too. 

Gondola shelving units come in different colors such as black, bright white, grey, and almond/beige is the most common color in the industry.
Depths of used shelving vary and depend largely, upon your aisle space, and how you choose to build out your liquor store. Deeper shelves allow more product, and less time restocking shelving. The larger sized shelves work great with 1.5 liter bottles as well as pints. We carry different depths of base shelves and upper shelves ranging in sizes from 13″, 16″, 19″, 22″, 25″ up to 30″ depths. Sometimes smaller liquor stores have less space to work with, and utilize smaller size shelves depending upon not carrying a lot of inventory. Either way you are able to go, we have used shelving in stock to custom fit your needs.
Used gondola shelving is the fastest, and best way to display and showcase your products, to your customers. All used shelving is 48″ wide, and you connect these sections together, to make rows of 4′, 8′, 12′, 16′, 20′, 24′ and longer, as you  need them to be.
Gondola Shelves hold a minimum of 300 pounds, per each shelf, and large size shelves can carry up to 500 pounds, per each shelf. This is a commercial grade of shelving and is the most practical.
We sell only the best quality of used retail shelving. It is normal to expect some minor scratches, minor dings, and discoloration but overall the shelving will arrive to you in a good, clean condition, with very minimal wear and usage.
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